Master Wang Zhi Ping

Master Wang is a 20th Generation Chen Tai Chi Master. He has been practising Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan for the last twenty – six years and has taught for most of those years as well. His teacher was Wang Zhen Hai, a Kungfu and Chen Tai Chi Master whose main teacher was Chen Zhao Pei, the previous generation main lineage holder of the Chen family. Chen Zhao Pei’s teacher was Chen Fake, perhaps the most famous Chen Master from the past.

His practise is beautiful to watch and extremely inspirational. He fills his movements with what he calls an open heart yet is technically perfectionist with the form at the same time. As a teacher though it is also his good spirit, patience and attention to detail that have made him stand out as a superb Tai Chi teacher.

As one student remarked he enthuses over good movement and posture expressing his level of pleasure in a delightfully vocal and charismatic way that leaps across cultural barriers. He enjoys the experience of movement in such a beautiful inspiring way that all around him want to share a little of what he has. At he same time he is a very serious teacher, and once the student has move past the beginning stages he can be extremely demanding, pushing the student to work and work, whether it be in terms of leg strenghening doing Chan Si Gong or repeated performances of tiny movements.

Wang Zhi Ping talks little of all this and prefers that students simply look at his Tai Chi movement with their own eyes. Have a look at the pictures and video and make up your own mind…



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